Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What if I start off with the "For Sale by Owner" program and later want to
switch to a different program?

Answer: We are a full service Brokerage as well as fee for service. Switching programs
is easily handled. If you later switch to a full service program we refund your original
payment at closing by reducing the commission by that amount.

Question: What if I am doing the "For Sale by Owner" program and occasionally
have questions?

Answer: You may e-mail us questions and have them answered at no charge.
Send e-mail to sellerschoicemls@yahoo.com.


Question: What if I want to handle all of my own showings but would like a
trained professional to handle the contracts and attend closing?

Answer: There are several options available. but you would most likely want to sign up
with a 1.5% program ($2,500.00 minimum). If you only need the
contracts written there would be a fee of $500.00.


Question: What is included in the 1.5 percent program?

Answer: This includes preparing contracts, arranging inspections, appraisal
issues, negotiations, handling all details from contract to closing-commission
paid at closing


Question: Once I sign up with the "For Sale by Owner" program, how long before my
listing will show on the Internet?

Answer: Your listing will be processed and shown on the MLS & the Internet within
24 hours, 7 days a week once the broker receives all your information necessary to list
the property.


Question: Does my telephone number show in the multiple listing service?

Answer: Yes. Your information is placed in the private remarks of the listing. This
means that agents are able to call you directly to schedule appointments. Your
information is not put in the public remarks section because the MLS rules and
regulations require parties to be licensed agents and brokers. Your contact
information is also listed on sellerschoicemls.com & mjassociatesrealestate.com with
your MLS numbers for easy access. When the agent's or brokerage's company
information is listed, parties call our number or e-mail our office and your contact
information is given immediately.


Question: How long is my property listed for?

Answer: Until it sells, 1 year contract at a time.


Question: If you produce a buyer from your advertising, does this mean I have to
pay 6%?

Answer: No, only whatever percentage you are offering other brokers. 2% or whatever
amount you decide up front.


Question: How do we sign up with the program?

Answer: Simply click here and follow the links provided.


Question: What if I don't want to sign-up online?

Answer: You can pay by *Check or Money Order.  We will then immediately e-mail, or mail you all required forms, or you can download them from the site. 
*(mail to: 374 High St., Hanson, MA  02341)


Question: Do you offer signs?

Answer: Yes, we offer signs at an additional cost of $39.95.  Many owners purchase
their signs from local hardware stores. It is up to you.
*According to MLS-PIN Rules and Regulations, Article IV, Section 4.0 "For Sale Signs"; Only the "For Sale" signs of the Listing Broker may be placed on a Listed Property.  This means you can not use the words "By Owner".  Buyer's driving by are more likely to make contact if the sign does NOT have "By Owner".


Question: How many photos can I post?

Answer: We allow up to 30 photos for sellerschoicemls.com, mjassociatesrealestate.com and the MLSPIN.  If you only have a couple and want to add more later that is fine. 
You can email them to us or send them in the mail and we will scan them.  Be sure to mark each one in the order you wish them to be displayed.


Question: What if I want to make changes to the listing after it is inputted into the MLS
and all web sites?

Answer: You may make changes at any time. It is asked that you e-mail, or
mail the changes so we have them in writing to avoid any discrepancies.
Changes are made within 24 hours of receipt.


Question: What if I only need hourly service on an as needed basis?

Answer: Our "CHOICES" programs are customized for you individually giving you the
flexibility to design your own program. Our Agents will gladly walk you through the
program- and if you only need us occasionally- that is fine!!!
Call us for a no obligation consultation!!!


Question: My question is not listed here.

Answer: Please e-mail, Text or call us and we will answer your question immediately. sellerschoicemls@yahoo.com 1-781-294-0310


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